Things we do wrong in our daily life

Practically all the things we do on a daily basis we do automatically out of habit, without even thinking about how we could improve or optimize the way we do them. We do in the way we like but did you think about that what is the right way to do? lets discuss about that.

Use of Earphones

We generally use earphones right in the ear but do you know this method is not right? We must fold the wire above our ears and then hang it in the ear.

Phone Charging

Do you want to charge your phone fast? Just keep your phone on airplane mode or switch off while it is charging it will be charge faster than when it is on.

Sorting Your Keys

Generally we mix-up all keys of our daily use and if they are resemble to each it is difficult to find which key is for which lock. For this you can use different colors of nail paint on your keys to find out which is the right key.

Choosing Foundation

Want to find the right color for your foundation? Just put it on your neck instead of face or anything else it will match skin of our body


If your Undergarment is too tight to wear you can use Undergarment extender to make it little comfort for your body.

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