Top 5 most follow tradition of diwali

Diwali is festival of lights and is the biggest festival of the year. It is a five day festival celebrated all over India with zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone is so excited about the festival and busy in shopping. It is the festival of victory of good over evil.

Goddess Laxmi Puja

Diwali’s auspiciousness in the best way is Laxmi Puja which is done in every Hindu family on the evening of Diwali festival. Laxmi puja is most important ritual of Diwali celebration.

Such a beautiful Rangoli

Tradition of Rangoli making is been followed from years during the festival of diwali. The craze of Rangoli making is increasing a lot with time. Theme based Rangoli is also trending.

Wishing Diwali to everyone

On the day of diwali, people love to greet their near and dear ones with Diwali Wishes and bless them for progress. People send messages as well as visit homes to greet friends and relatives.

Pack up Gifts and Sweets for loved ones

People make a lot of sweets on the festival of diwali. They present when someone visit them or make packets and send them to their loved ones. They exchange gifts also on diwali.

Firing Crackers and lighting Diyas is must

The most lovable part of diwali for kids is cracker burning. Girls used to light their houses with diyas and candles. After puja and dinner, whole family burn crackers.

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